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Instacart recently introduced support for Shoppable Videos on their web site. One of the leading grocery delivery services, Instacart is also one of the fastest growing retail media networks. And shoppable videos are an incredibly compelling form of content — they’re engaging and grab the shopper’s attention. But historically, they’ve been extremely challenging to create.

The Challenges of Shoppable Video Creation

Videos typically require a large budget and a lot of creative assets. What makes videos even more challenging (and expensive) is that they’re usually not built in a modular way – meaning, once the video is made, it’s hard to swap in a new product image or change a headline or call to action. That means that any time there’s a packaging change, or that a brand wants to do a seasonal refresh for a holiday special, back to school, or other event, it’s costly and time-consuming to execute.

And yet… shoppable videos are such a compelling format that they’re hard to pass up.

Fortunately, there is a better way. With the right tools, and a more modular approach to content creation, brands can now build customized videos that are designed from the get-go to be easy to update and refresh.

online video builder tool

E-Commerce Videos Made Easy

Our online video builder tools make it easier than ever before to create videos for your products. That means you can quickly take advantage of retailer formats for both Shoppable Video Ads and product detail page videos. And, due to the modular nature of this approach, you can swap in new product images, change the music, or update a call to action in minutes.

Use Cases
  • Enhancing a 360 degree product video with text callouts, headlines or a call to action can now be done in minutes
  • Instead of starting from scratch, brands can now repurpose existing marketing assets into How To, Testimonial, and Tentpole images and videos
  • Seasonal image and video refreshes are easy with the ability to swap new background images and headlines into existing designs
What are Shoppable Videos?

Shoppable videos are a new form of display advertising — in video form. Shoppable videos first became available on Instacart as an advertising format in 2022, and with more and more brands becoming aware of them, they are becoming increasingly popular. Shoppable videos are engaging and a great way to educate shoppers about your brand or product.

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