Digital Asset Management

Our Digital Asset Management capabilities make it easy for you to store your brand assets. From there, you can create new images, videos and ads. Our Digital Asset Management platform includes built-in proofing tools, to facilitate getting comments and approval on new creative.

Among the benefits of our platform are the ability to store brand assets of all different types. That includes style guidelines and brand design guides, along with marketing assets like product images, lifestyle shots, backgrounds, audio and video files. 

But not only can we store these marketing assets, we can also store creative deliverables in both delivery and template form. That means it’s easy to download completed creative assets like shoppable videos, banners and PDP images, but it’s equally easy to edit those completed assets so that you can refresh them for seasonal updates, new campaigns or new product launches.


Brand Kit Management

It’s easy to get started using our Brand Kit management. Simply upload your Brand Kit into IT’SRAPID and they’ll be applied to the images, videos and banners you create. If you have multiple brands in your company’s portfolio, you can setup a brand kit for each one. And for agencies that are managing multiple companies, it’s easy to set up multiple company accounts, each with one or more brands associated with it. 


  • Store PDF, PNG, JPG, PSD, AI, MP4, MP3 and other assets.
  • Setup seasonal themes or take advantage of our existing themes
  • Create assets in a variety of output formats, including layered and flat files
What is a Digital Asset Management platform?

Digital Asset Management platforms make it easy for you to store your digital brand assets. These often include source files such as image and video files, along with brand style guidelines, fonts and other creative files. Digital Asset Management platforms also store your completed assets, namely videos and images you’ve created, display advertisements, even HTML5 animated ads.

Do I need a Digital Asset Management platform if I only have a few SKUs?

The short answer is yes! Virtually every brand that sells online can benefit from having a Digital Asset Management solution. That’s because without a DAM, it’s extremely difficult to keep track of your assets. When brands can’t track their assets, they often end up having to recreate them from scratch, costing valuable time and money. A Digital Asset Management (DAM) system can keep all your creative assets organized in one place, and make them easy to find and use.

What's the difference between a PIM and a DAM?

Product Information Management (PIM) systems usually store product metadata, such as product descriptions, weights, sizes and the like, along with images. In contrast, Digital Asset Management systems store all your brand assets, from brand style guides and layered files like PSD files to your creative outputs like videos you’ve created, display ads, and images. Digital Asset Management systems are designed to make it easy to store and search all your creative assets. Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems built for e-commerce come with e-commerce specific capabilities, such as pre-built templates for retailers and social media, built-in editing tools, and search support for product images.

What if I have an existing Digital Asset Management system?

No problem! IT’SRAPID is compatible with many different Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems. If you’re already storing your assets somewhere, we can import just the assets you need to build your creative outputs. For ongoing imports and exports, we also have direct API connects for those platforms that support it.

What if I have thousands of assets?

No problem. Our first customer was one of the largest CPG companies in the world, with more than 22 global brands and tens of thousands of SKUs. Each of those SKUs has dozens of images and other assets that go with it. Our technical team are experts in building easy to use, highly scalable systems. 

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