How to Create Display Banners for Walmart

Walmart has one of the fastest growing retailer ad networks. As a result, it presents a fantastic opportunity for brands to bring attention to the offerings. Here we’ll talk about how to create banners for Walmart’s onsite and offsite ad units.


Like other networks, Walmart has unique requirements for the banners that run on their retail ad network. The requirements for these banners are defined via a combination of Style Guides and PSD files.

This page explains how to use RapidAds to create banner ads for Walmart’s retail media network—both onsite and offsite—in minutes. You can also learn more about creating banners for other retail ad networks such as Amazon, Kroger, Instagram and others. 

Delivery Requirements

For Walmart Connect, on-site banners should be delivered in both Preview and Delivery format. Preview format shows what the banners will look like once they are displayed on-site. Delivery format includes just the actual image assets. Offsite banners are delivered in Delivery format only, but should be delivered in both 1x and 2x size.

Delivery files for Walmart Connect campaigns should meet the following requirements:

  • Be created in each set of dimensions required for the campaign
  • Use approved fonts, font sizes and positions
  • Place product images in display-safe space
  • Adhere to the maximum file size for each ad unit
  • Include correctly sized and positioned logos
  • Center logo and text blocks for text-only ad units
  • Meet maximum text length requirements
  • Be named according to file naming requirements

RapidAds has pre-built templates for Walmart Connect banners. These templates ensure that all the above requirements are met.

Dynamic Positioning

RapidAds automatically chooses the correct text and logo position based on the text you enter. For example, if you enter one headline and one sub-headline, RapidAds will choose the correct headline and sub-headline position automatically. If you enter a second Headline, RapidAds will adjust the positions of all text, CTAs and logos automatically.

This dynamic positioning capability lets you easily create a full set of banners for Walmart Connect. If you add or remove text, there’s no need to enter the text into a different PSD template; RapidAds will choose the correct text position for you. Not only does this accelerate the initial creation of assets—it greatly speeds up subsequent iterations as well.

Proof Sheets, Spreadsheets, and Delivery Formats Made Easy

Fast and easy ad creation is a core benefit of RapidAds. RapidAds provides a number of additional capabilities that make creating display campaigns easy:

  • Built-in proof sheets
  • Spreadsheet text import and export
  • One-click toggle between Preview and Delivery formats
  • On-site preview to show you what your assets will look like when live on the retailer’s site

For more information, read our Step by Step Guide to creating Onsite and Offsite Display Banners. Or, contact us for a demo.

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