The Challenges of Building Retailer Specific E-Commerce Banners


To date, there has not been a good solution for building retailer-specific e-commerce banners. However, the demand for e-commerce related digital media continues to grow, with no end in sight. Building retailer-specific banners is challenging for a few reasons:

1) Each retailer has their own requirements. Although ad formats are relatively standardized in the industry, the style and requirements of those ads are not. Each retailer requires brands to adhere to specific colors, fonts, layouts and logos. Keeping track of all these requirements is not easy. This challenge is made even greater by the fast-changing nature of the requirements, as marketers seek to update their designs to keep them fresh and current.

2) It’s hard to source the product images needed for e-commerce banners. Unlike standard banners, e-commerce banners require a combination of creative content and product imagery. These product images need to be sourced from DAM or PIM systems or found on the web. This process is time consuming and inefficient.

3) Specialized knowledge and design skills required. Most banners are created using specialized design tools. It can take months or years to develop the expertise required to use these tools. Even then, the goal of these tools is typically to provide the most flexibility and customization possible. So the benefit of these tools is that, given the time and skills, you can create virtually any design. But when it comes to creating e-commerce specific banners, you really want tools that will enable you to adhere to retailer requirements and to create your banners as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Fortunately, there’s a better way. RapidAds was developed to enable e-commerce sales and marketing professionals to create and deliver retailer-specific banners fast. RapidAds means you don’t need to learn complex design tools and you can generate banners with a few clicks of the mouse. To find out more, contact us today.


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