Sponsored Product Ads

Build campaigns in a few easy steps.

trends & data

Find performance trends within data modules

Charts and graphs are auto-updated in real time
• Easily leverage data modules to make campaign optimizations
Change metrics to fit your brand’s KPIs


Understand how your brand is discovered

• Interface has a built-in keyword research tool that analyzes real-time search traffic
• Apply this tool to optimize your campaigns
• Find keywords with the highest search frequency and strongest average purchase intent


Build campaigns in a few easy steps

Bulk upload features allow for a quick and seamless building process.

Utilize keyword research tool to build out and upload keyword targeting lists.

Search Brand Amplifier campaigns make it easy to extend your reach.

Step 1

Build a campaign structure that compliments your brand’s KPIs

Step 2

Use research tools to apply purchase-driven targeting

Step 3

Leverage performance tools to seamlessly action on learnings

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